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Tactics & Techniques

Fresh Water Detailed and illustrated information on such topics as fighting big fish, reading water, mending, fishing bends, seeing fish, rigging indicators, deciding on flies.

Fly-Fishing Tactics Lefty Kreh on the double hall. Jason Borger on reach mends, curve casts, roll cast (differing with Lefty Kreh below—try both), Also nymphing without indicators. fishing steamers, and more.


Salt Water

Lefty Kreh on mastering the roll cast—emphasizing that the rod should move parallel to the water, rather than down to the water, the way most casts are made. He differs with Jason Borger above—try both.

Brad Burns on fishing from a boat

Jay Horton on two handed rods—for covering more water.

Fly Tying

  • Materials - Good, thorough information on fly tying materials, including various brands: hackle, hooks, thread, superflue, antron, hopper materials, organizing materials, etc. Much more information can be found by clicking on Mike Hogue's home page at the end of the document.
  • Saltwater Flies - fly tying videos from Fly Fishing in Salt Water.
  • More Fly Tying Videos for fresh and saltwater flies and fly tying techiques.
  • More Fly Tying Videos for fresh and saltwater flies and fly tying techiques.
  • Hans Weilenmann - Extraordinarily clear and detailed, with information, links, and video.
  • Hans Weilenmann's Better Way to Hackle a Fly



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