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Members Only Message Board This message board is for members of Crossroads Anglers to ask and answer questions on fly fishing, fly tying, equipment, etc.--and to share current fishing reports. To insure that messages are kept within the club, a club password is required, as well as a personal password. So logging on to the message board is a 2-step process: First you'll be asked for the club password, then for your username and personal password. Click on the link at the end of these instructions to send an e-mail for the club password (also feel free to ask questions). Please include your full name on the message. Registering for the Members Message Board When you receive the club password, click on the link called Members Message Board on the navigation bar (in the left-hand column or at the end of the page). In the next screen, click on "Not a member?" or "Register." The following form will appear:

  • Type in the required information (lines with red asterisks): a user name of your choosing and a personal password. Your personal password should not contain capital letters or spaces.
  • Then type in your full name.Please do not check the "Private" box for your full name so that members know who is writing.

Club Password and any questions.

Take But Give Back

We can benefit most from a message board where everyone participates. So if you get some information that's useful, do give something back, at least at a later date.

If you have problems or questions please email them to the webmaster.





This vid covers it all and some nice tunes to boot!


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Thanks Ray for a great presentation!

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